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Prosecco Wine Route

The highly appreciated “Strada del Prosecco” is a route that gives unexpected and often forgot emotions to the visitors. Through the hills of the Prosecco DOCG area, surrounded by rows of vine, the sensations of freedom, peace and quietness increase quickly as penetrating this region in which even the stream of time seems different.

The Prosecco Wine Route, from Valdobbiadene to Conegliano, is also very close to important monuments of the past, such as historical and artistic places as Vittorio Veneto and Follina, medieval castles, old mills, churches and abbeys. Always surrounded by vine grapes, this itinerary takes the visitor to discover the world of Prosecco DOCG and a land of tradition.

Local production:

Prosecco DOCG and Prosecco DOCG Superiore di Cartizze are the most characteristic Quality wine of this area. In particular Prosecco DOCG Superiore di Cartizze is a precious and rare Sparkling Wine that is produced in a very small area (104 hectares) in which the combination of various soils (thanks to moraines, sandstones and clays the soil drains quickly rainwater, being able, at the same time, to maintain a constant reserve of water) with a gentle microclimate and a perfect sun exposition, allows to grow grapes with qualities of Excellence. A “Cru” which is the real pride of all the Prosecco DOCG area.

Also gastronomic tradition is very present in this area where you can still taste the same products and dishes of past generations. The local cuisine is based on simple dishes prepared with local ingredients, expressing all the wisdom of country folk tradition. Wild game is cooked on the spit, oven roasted or stewed and it is traditionally accompanied by polenta (coarsely ground corn meal cooked and served as a kind of mush or cooked, allowed to set and then sliced) and mushrooms. The local production of Maroons from Combai is also very appreciated, especially when combined with mushrooms in delicious soups. “Casatella Trevigiana”, Cesen and Cansiglio cheeses, “Sopressa” salami and the purple “Radicchio” from Treviso, honey and goose meat are other typical local production that finds its peak in simple traditional dishes as “risi e bisi”, “polenta” with mushrooms and sopressa salami, sopa coada (bread and pigeons soup), s’cioss (slugs) and many other. Always accompanied by a glass of Prosecco DOCG, that is a wine you can enjoy as aperitif or during the meal, being able, with its flavour and taste to exalt this joyful cuisine.


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