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Sparkling Wine – White – Moscato Sweet

Moscato is a typical grape of Veneto region, characteristic for its fragrant bouquet and for its sweet and aromatic flavor and straw yellow colour.

It’s origins go back to greece and latin time whene Moscato was called “Uva Apiana”

by latins,which means “grape of the bees”, thanks to its sweetness and perfume that attracts bees. Moscato is a kind of wine which is really good in any occasion: as dessert wine after a good lunch or dinner, during parties or in a special occasion.It’s sweet (nt sikly), fragrance is always the right choice to cheer up people. Thanks to its low alcohol content, Moscato is also perfect as light drink to be served really at any time.

Suggested serving temperature: 6-8 °C.

Suggested food to accompany: Dry cookies or cream cakes, excellent with Panettone.

Product group: Sparkling Wine – White – Moscato

Category: Sweet

Region and classification: Veneto – Treviso

Grape variety: 100% Moscato

Vinification technique: Stainless steel vats

Second fermentation: Charmat method

Alcohol content: 6,5 % vol

Sugar content: 120 g/l

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