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Val d'Oca: The Art of Prosecco in the Heart of DOCG

Of the total 1,000 hectares managed by our 600 winegrowing members, over half extends into the excellent DOCG Valdobbiadene and Asolo territories, including lands considered cru, such as the „Rive“.

This term in the Venetian dialect identifies the steeply sloping areas of the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene.

They are very small territories, which require long and tiring manual work (800 hours/hectare against the 150 hours/hectare of mechanization in the plains), but whose grapes, strictly hand-picked, reach a recognized superior quality and for this reason, indicated on the label as a specific geographical unit.

Although they are often very close to each other, there are such great differences between the Rive that the skill of each farmer, therefore, lies in the ability to choose the most suitable agronomic techniques every year, based on the changing climate, to make the most of the characteristics soil pedology.

Val d'Oca: The Art of Prosecco in the Heart of DOCG