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The inspiration for the new Val d'Oca logo

The new Val d’Oca logo is a tribute to the wonderful cycle of vine development that leads to the creation of our beloved Prosecco.

It takes its inspiration from a particularly significant moment in this cycle: the fruit set.

The fruit set represents that crucial stage when the vine flower transforms into a small grape, the beginning of the journey that will culminate in the glass of Prosecco we know and love.

Our logo, with its structure evoking a bunch of grapes in the process of formation, visually expresses this important transition, celebrating the magic and craftsmanship behind the creation of each bottle of Val d’Oca.

This is therefore the meaning of our logo: a tribute to the vine and its fruit, a tangible link with our land and a distinctive sign of our passion for Prosecco.

The inspiration for the new Val d'Oca logo