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In Valdobbiadene

In Valdobbiadene

Bye Mum, I’m going to the Rive!

We grew up there. We explored every corner of them, got to know all their nuances and ultimately declared them to be our great love. They are the vineyards of Valdobbiadene: virtually home to us.

Where something magical happens

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Val d'Oca has always had a very strong presence of its own winemakers in the Cartizze area, and has always made this wine in the classic manner, close to tradition. Extending over an area of only 108 hectares, the Cartizze area features steeply sloping vineyards and its special characteristics make it a unique place, where the grape harvest is an extremely tiring yet very fascinating time. Here, the grapes reach an even more superior level of acknowledged quality, hence the label indicates it as a specific geographical area.
Cartizze area
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In the municipality of Vidor, these Rive feature very steep slopes running from east to west, reaching an altitude ranging from 150 to 300 metres above sea level. The composition of the soils is largely clay loam, where the average depth of the roots meets a rocky substrate. This results in the characteristics of elegant, intense wines with distinct tropical aromas, hints of pear, exotic fruits and ripe fruit.
Rive di Colbertaldo
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Among the northernmost soils within the appellation, they stand out for being rich in clay, where deep roots meet a rocky substrate, from which they obtain a distinct minerality. Temperatures here are almost always below average and the temperature range, especially in the summer months, is quite considerable. The climate and the fertile soil yield high-quality grapes and wines with notes of ripe fruit and a lingering olfactory elegance.
Rive di Santo Stefano
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They feature silt-loam soils with predominantly moraine substrates with a skeletal texture. The altitude ranges from 160 to 320 metres above sea level, with slightly gentler slopes than the other Rive. The northernmost slopes of these Rive, situated at the foot of Monte Cesen, are most heavily cultivated with vines. Mainly south-facing, they experience lengthy periods of exposure to the sun, encouraging ripe, golden grapes. The wines of these wonderful Rive have floral hints of rose and fruity notes of green apple, peach and apricot.
Rive di San Pietro di Barbozza
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Val d'Oca is nestled in a unique landscape that is one of the most evocative in Italy, the hilly strip of land between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, which has always been highly suited to viticulture. Here, in many areas, the grape harvest is known as ‘heroic’. It involves steeply sloping vineyards that require lengthy and tiring manual labour by vine growers (up to 800 hours/hectare compared to 150 hours/hectare of mechanised harvesting on the plain).
All the areas
Asolo Prosecco Superiore is made in the hills of municipalities near the ancient village of Asolo, at the foot of Monte Grappa. The high hills border the Piave River, close to the Dolomites and the Montello hill. These vineyards yield organic wines made from high-quality grapes. They are grown with respect for the land and according to a cultivation protocol.
Fiume Piave Asolo Possagno Paderno del Grappa Pederobba Montebelluna Crocetta del Montello Montello San Zenone degli Ezzelini Nervesa della Battaglia Volpago del Montello Valdobbiadene Vidor Colbertaldo Cartizze Miane Refrontolo Susegana Conegliano S. Vendemiano Follina Tarzo Cison diValmarino Farra diSoligo San Pietro di Barbozza Pieve diSoligo San Pietro di Feletto Colle Umberto Vittorio Veneto Santo Stefano Santo Stefano San Pietro Di Barbozza Cartizze Colbertaldo Follo Coste Piane Guia CaseBoret Soprapiana Val d’OcaWine Center Val d’OcaWine Center Santo Stefano San Pietro Di Barbozza Cartizze Colbertaldo Rovede Soprapiana CaseBoret CasePiovine Santo Stefano San Pietro Di Barbozza CaseMarche SantaLucia Valdobbiadene San Floriano Cima Case Vedova Saccol Cartizze Colbertaldo Val d’OcaWine Center Santo Stefano San Pietro Di Barbozza Follo Soprapiana Saccol Val d’OcaWine Center Colbertaldo

Le Rive: we saw this coming. Before everyone, more than everyone. We believed in the extraordinary value of the Rive, the craggy hills that make the Prosecco Superiore area iconic, even before it was officially acknowledged. We now tend the grapes growing in 9 of the 43 Rive covering 120 hectares, more than 25% of the total 494 hectares. The Rive exalt the various expressions of the appellation, each with a different essence, which Val d’Oca enhances far from any notion of standardisation.


When you know what you are putting in your wine glass, you can let Prosecco Val d’Oca perform its magic. We therefore want to take our sustainability to a higher standard: it is a pact of transparency between us and you.

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