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Val d'Oca at Dusseldorf for ProWein 2024, let's meet!

Once again this year, Val d’Oca will be present at ProWein, from March 10th to 12th in Düsseldorf. ProWein is the international trade fair for wine and alcoholic beverages, hosting the most important wine-producing regions in Europe every year. You can find us at Hall 16, Booth F19, featuring our new stand renovated last year by the Milanese architect Roberto Di Stefano.

Let’s meet, chat and taste!
See you at #ProWein2024!

📅 10.03 to 12.03.2024
📍 Düsseldorf, Germany
🍷 Hall 16 / Stand F19


Territory, the soul of Val d'Oca

The territory is not only the heart, but also the soul of Val d’Oca.
Nestled in one of Italy’s most fascinating landscapes, between Valdobbiadene, Asolo and Conegliano, we are proud to be the custodians of a heritage recognized by UNESCO.

For generations, our winemakers have not only been growers, but true custodians of these lands. With a deep respect for nature and a relentless commitment, they work every day to preserve every detail, every nuance of this landscape.

Their dedication goes beyond simple cultivation: it is an act of love toward a land that has given so much to them and to our company.

Thanks to their work, these hills retain their pristine beauty, offering breathtaking views and lush vineyards that are the beating heart of our wine production.

Territory, the soul of Val d'Oca

We support our community: free mammograms and ultrasound examination

We are always honored when we have the opportunity to actively contribute to the well-being of our counity.
This Friday we will be sponsoring @Welfarecare’s initiative “Free Mammography and Ultrasound,” a project that focuses on women’s health and emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis.

Thanks to the collaboration with qualified doctors and a mobile clinic, the event will offer free diagnostic exams to all women residing in the municipality of Valdobbiadene, as well as to employees of Val d’Oca/Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene.

This is just one example of how local businesses, with the sponsorship of the municipality, can make a difference by supporting welfare initiatives and actively contributing to social sustainability.
Health is a precious commodity and, as a community, we must join forces to protect and enhance it.

We support our community: free mammograms and ultrasound examination

Rive di San Pietro di Barbozza gold medal Mondial des Vins Extrêmes

We are proud to announce that our Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut “Rive di San Pietro di Barbozza” has been awarded the prestigious gold medal at the Mondial des Vins Extrêmes international competition.

This event, organized by Cervim and sponsored by the OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin), is dedicated exclusively to wines produced in areas of heroic viticulture, authentic “islands of viticultural biodiversity.”

The competition aims to enhance and safeguard the production of small wine-growing areas that stand out for their history, tradition and uniqueness.

These areas, of inestimable scenic and environmental value, are maintained despite the high cost of processing, which is strictly manual: in fact, the hours of vineyard management can be up to 8 times greater (800 hours per hectare per year on the Rive versus 150 hours/hectare for lowland vineyards).

Our award is a tribute to the dedication, passion and commitment we put into the cultivation of our vineyards and the production of our wines every day.

But it is also an award that celebrates the importance of sustainable viticulture and the preservation of winemaking traditions.

Rive di San Pietro di Barbozza gold medal Mondial des Vins Extrêmes

ValdobbiadeneJazz 2023

Cantina Val d’Oca and Valdobbiadene Jazz Festival: when two icons of Valdobbiadene meet, a unique and unmistakable harmony is born.

Jazz, with its improvised, deep and enveloping notes, is an art form that ties in well with our wines: both are the results of a mix between tradition and experimentation, between respect for roots and a desire for innovation.

On Sunday, October 8, the closing concert of ValdobbiadeneJazz 2023 will be held at the Val d’Oca Wine Center.
At 4 p.m. MP JAZZ LEGACY QUARTET will perform, a show featuring original repertoire and cool jazz compositions from the West Coast.

Line up
Piero Cozzi – saxophone
Bruno Cesselli – piano
Paolo Viezzi – double bass
Maurizio Pagnutti- drums

ValdobbiadeneJazz 2023

VO Collection Prosecco DOC. Three new collector's labels

We present our new V.O. Collection, a journey of renewal in the world of Prosecco through three new collector’s labels: Prosecco DOC Treviso Extra Dry, Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut and Prosecco DOC Rosé Extra Dry Millesimato.

The V.O. Collection represents our dynamic vision of Prosecco, V.O. is in fact short for Val d’Oca
We want to highlight and enhance the extraordinary diversity and richness of nuance that Prosecco can offer with a line that has been rejuvenated in its labelling and designed with a young audience in mind.
We strongly believe in the ability of these wines to represent innovation and change while maintaining a strong connection to our heritage.

These wines represent a privileged gateway to the discovery of the incredible variety of Prosecco, interpreted from a contemporary point of view thanks also to a packaging
with bright colours that stand out and revisit our Prosecco DOC line.

VO Collection Prosecco DOC. Three new collector's labels

The Gilbert & Galliard guide's awards to our Prosecco Superiore DOCG

Three of our Prosecco Superiore DOCG Rive have been awarded the prestigious DOUBLE GOLD award by the renowned Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide.

To be awarded ours:
– Rive di Santo Stefano Extra Brut | 91 points
– Rive di San Pietro di Barbozza Brut | 90 points
– Rive di Colbertaldo Extra Dry | 90 points

Each of these wines scored above 90 points, a recognition of the superior quality we aspire to achieve in every bottle we produce.

The DOUBLE GOLD is a very influential award in the wine world, given only to wines that achieve excellence in their style and variety.

This recognition is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to the pursuit of quality and excellence, and a tribute to the dedication and passion of our team.

The Gilbert & Galliard guide's awards to our Prosecco Superiore DOCG

From the vineyards to the winery. Immerse yourself in the world of Prosecco

In this season, our Val d’Oca Wine Centre is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the world of Prosecco.
Hospitality is at the heart of our philosophy and every visitor is warmly welcomed and invited to discover more about the production process of our wines.

The itinerary offered in the Wine Centre combines in-depth knowledge and culture, taking visitors through the different stages of production, from the care of the vines to maturation in the cellar and on to personalised tastings.
An unmissable opportunity to understand how a classic can always remain contemporary.


From the vineyards to the winery. Immerse yourself in the world of Prosecco

Welcome to our new General Manager

We welcome our new general manager, Dr. Stefano Gava.
With a solid background in enology acquired at the University of Padua and significant professional growth in the northeastern wine sector, Gava brings with him many years of managerial and technical experience.

“The choice of Dr. Gava is the result of a careful search among various profiles,” says Franco Varaschin, president of Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene, “in order to introduce a prominent figure at the winery who knows how to increase production and how to enhance the value of our wines.
His previous experience is an added value to face future challenges with serenity in a perspective of innovation and respect for traditions.”

“Elevating the quality in the glass of the work in the vineyard of more than 600 families representing this territory to the highest level will be my goal for the coming years”-said Gava.

As always, Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene – Val d’Oca remains faithful to its philosophy: to create high quality wines, respecting transparency, control, innovation and sustainability along the entire supply chain.

We are excited about this new beginning. Welcome, Dr. Gava!

Welcome to our new General Manager

Sustainability: EQUALITAS certification

We constantly strive to make our production more sustainable, environmentally friendly and people-friendly.

This commitment is reflected in the awards we receive, such as the Equalitas certification.
Equalitas is a standard specifically designed to promote sustainability throughout the wine supply chain.

It is an integrated approach that takes into account the needs of business, society and the market, aiming to ensure a balance between economic, environmental and social factors.

Thanks to Equalitas, the sustainability of our Prosecco Val d’Oca becomes a tangible and certified commitment, visible to all our consumers.

Sustainability: EQUALITAS certification

The inspiration for the new Val d'Oca logo

The new Val d’Oca logo is a tribute to the wonderful cycle of vine development that leads to the creation of our beloved Prosecco.

It takes its inspiration from a particularly significant moment in this cycle: the fruit set.

The fruit set represents that crucial stage when the vine flower transforms into a small grape, the beginning of the journey that will culminate in the glass of Prosecco we know and love.

Our logo, with its structure evoking a bunch of grapes in the process of formation, visually expresses this important transition, celebrating the magic and craftsmanship behind the creation of each bottle of Val d’Oca.

This is therefore the meaning of our logo: a tribute to the vine and its fruit, a tangible link with our land and a distinctive sign of our passion for Prosecco.

The inspiration for the new Val d'Oca logo

Sustainability: SQNPI certification

At Val d’Oca we are following the road to sustainability with great commitment.
For the past two years, we have chosen to promote the SQNPI (National Quality System for Integrated Production) certification among our members.

This certification is an important recognition of our dedication to integrated production – a production system that aims to reduce impacts on the environment and consumer health to a minimum.

Integrated production is based on the coordinated and rational use of all production factors. Its objective is to reduce environmental impact to a minimum, without compromising the quality and excellence of our wines.

Our dedication to the environment is at the heart of everything we do, and obtaining this certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability: SQNPI certification

Our commitment to supplier selection

The relationship with suppliers is crucial for our Group, and we are committed to evaluating each partner according to strict and transparent criteria.

We pay particular attention to the ethical, environmental and working conditions of our suppliers and their environmental, ethical-social and health and safety certifications.

🌿 Certified and recyclable raw materials
We are implementing an evaluation process to increase the use of certified and recyclable raw materials. Already today, our glass bottle suppliers guarantee high percentages of recycled glass in their products.

📦 Sustainable packaging
When it comes to cardboard packaging and labels, we give preference to suppliers with certifications of origin from sustainably managed forests (FSC or PEFC).

Our commitment to supplier selection

Val d'Oca: Commitment to Sustainable VIVA Certified Agricultural Practices

The adoption of sustainable agricultural practices is a fundamental aspect for Val d’Oca, to which we pay the utmost attention.

Since 2020, we are proud to hold the VIVA certification, promoted by the Ministry of the Environment, which measures sustainability performances. This achievement was made possible thanks to the Group’s investments, aimed at efficient and cutting-edge production processes, modern and integrated structures, as well as training and innovation.

The VIVA certification analyses the sustainability of the vine-wine chain through the following indicators: Air, Water, Territory.

  • AIR: calculates the Carbon Footprint of the Winery, providing useful information to reduce emissions.
  • WATER: measures the influence of the activities carried out on water consumption and on the reduction of available water resources.
  • TERRITORY: examines the impacts of the company’s activities on the territory, considered as a combination of biodiversity, landscape, and local community.

The goal of Val d’Oca is to provide its members with the most balanced solutions for vineyard cultivation, in order to obtain quality grapes and wines, with reduced environmental impact.

Val d'Oca: Commitment to Sustainable VIVA Certified Agricultural Practices

Circular Economy: Val d'Oca's Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability involves the responsibility of reducing the waste produced and reusing and recycling waste materials. In line with this philosophy, the Val d’Oca Group has implemented a series of actions to ensure the total regeneration of raw materials.

In detail:

  • In the vineyards, the branches are used as amendments.
  • The stalks are sent to the Bioman cogeneration plant for the production of renewable energy.
  • The marc is reused in distillation.
  • Broken glass is recycled through the Rivetro initiative.
  • Cork stoppers are recycled through the initiative of producer Amorim.
  • Plastic packaging is recycled through Aliplast, a company of the Hera Group.
  • Paper and cardboard packaging is recycled thanks to Ceccato Recycling.
  • Wooden packaging, such as pallets, is reused, mainly through the EPAL circuit.
  • The tartrates are given to the Mazzari SpA distillery for the production of tartaric acid.

Thanks to this philosophy of circular economy, Val d’Oca now recovers all the waste produced.

Circular Economy: Val d'Oca's Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability and Quality: Vineyard Management at Val d'Oca

The careful management of our vineyards is fundamental to ensuring the distinctive quality of Val d’Oca wines.

With the support of our 600 winegrowers, we promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, from pruning to harvesting. Each stage is meticulously planned to preserve the territory and ensure the best expression of our grapes.

In caring for the vineyards, our winegrowers are guided by a tailored vineyard management plan. Val d’Oca Winery is proactive in this area, offering training courses both in the classroom and in the field. These include, for example, pruning techniques, on which we have also created online tutorials, to spread a correct culture of viticulture.

Sustainability and Quality: Vineyard Management at Val d'Oca

Vinitaly Prize

Vini&Consumi Awards 2023: our Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Millesimato Extra Brut won the Best Sparkling Wine Product Innovation Award 2022. The award was presented during the last Vinitaly.

The Millesimato Extra Brut is the real gem of the “Cuvée Classiche” collection, a Prosecco with a full, complex, gastronomic profile, capable of appealing to a sophisticated public accustomed to prestigious bubbles.
A product on which a great deal of work has been done in the winery to further move the bar of the quality standard, a real challenge.

The Vini &Consumi Awards are prizes of excellence organised by @Tespi Mediagroup and awarded by the retail world to companies in the wine sector that have distinguished themselves in the conception and realisation of marketing, communication and product activities, carried out in 2022.

Vinitaly Prize

Field Notebook: Technology and Quality in Val d'Oca's Vineyards

The Field Notebook is a digital register that tells the story of everything that happens in the vineyard, cultivation operations, pesticide treatments, fertilisation, irrigation.

The support service for its compilation aims both to assist the wine-growing member in the digital transition and to ensure that the criteria of the notebook are met in order to guarantee results that lead to quality cultivation.

In order to assist and support the more than 600 members of our Group, we have set up a dedicated office, and among the services offered is assistance with the compilation of the Field Notebook.

In addition to this, various training events are organised periodically on agronomic and technical aspects, sustainability, defence techniques and other good agronomic practices.

Field Notebook: Technology and Quality in Val d'Oca's Vineyards

Val d'Oca Wine Center: Sustainability and Innovation in the Heart of Prosecco

With its over 1,000 square meters and the evocative architectural structure reminiscent of Prosecco bubbles, the Val d’Oca Wine Center represents a tangible commitment by the Group towards environmental sustainability. This space, dedicated to the sale, display of products, tasting, and hospitality, has been designed according to the principles of bio-architecture.

The main characteristic of the Wine Center is energy efficiency, guaranteed by:

  • a photovoltaic system,
  • a geothermal system,
  • a LED lighting system on the external wall with multicolored nighttime effects,
  • a thermal insulation system,
  • selective glass fixtures.

Constructed in 2011 with recycled and certified materials and involving local workers, the Val d’Oca Wine Center is an example of how sustainability and innovation can blend in the art of Prosecco production.

Val d'Oca Wine Center: Sustainability and Innovation in the Heart of Prosecco

Val d'Oca: The Art of Prosecco in the Heart of DOCG

Of the total 1,000 hectares managed by our 600 winegrowers, more than half extends into the excellent DOCG territories of Valdobbiadene and Asolo. These include lands considered cru, such as the “Rive”. This Venetian dialect term identifies the steeply sloping areas of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene hills.

The Rive are tiny territories, requiring long and arduous manual labor (800 hours/hectare compared to the 150 hours/hectare of mechanization in the plains). However, their grapes, strictly hand-picked, achieve a recognized superior quality, which is why they are indicated on the label as a specific geographical unit.

Although often very close to each other, the differences between the Rive are significant. Therefore, each winegrower’s skill lies in the ability to choose the most suitable agronomic techniques each year, based on the changing climate, to make the most of the soil’s characteristics. Learn more about our Val d’Oca Prosecco, the heart of Valdobbiadene Prosecco.

Val d'Oca: The Art of Prosecco in the Heart of DOCG

The hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene

The hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene are a UNESCO heritage site of extraordinary beauty.

The uniqueness of the terroir is the result of a long process of care and respect for the environment, which has been able to preserve these hills through sustainable cultivation practices that are attentive to the ecosystem.

Val d’Oca wines are born from an ancient winemaking tradition, handed down by people who have chosen to remain tied to their roots.
The conservation of this territory is an important and delicate task, for which we feel responsible.

Only thanks to everyone’s commitment can the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene continue to be a place of beauty and the production of high-quality wines, an important resource for our country and for the whole world.

Also, for this reason, 100% of our vineyards have obtained the SQNPI certification (National Quality System for Integrated Production), which guarantees the consumer grapes grown according to agronomic techniques that respect the environment and human health.