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The end of the harvest

Val D’Oca has always been a collective company, the center of a dialogue that involves viticulture, humanity and the landscape.

With this spirit, once again this year the harvest took place according to tradition and thanks to the planning of our Agronomist, @Carlo Follador.

As always, the total amount of Glera grapes was harvested by hand, to preserve the integrity of the fruit as much as possible. Creating Prosecco wines of high and superior quality represents the heart of our project.

In terms of quality, the 2022 harvest worked out very well, especially considering the expectations matured in the previous months, which were characterized by high temperatures and drought.

The rains in August were providential and allowed for excellent ripening of the grapes.

The sugar content is very satisfying. The acidity is slightly below the average of the last five years.

The precious grapes harvested in some of the Rive di alta collina and in the Cartizze vineyard have as always benefited from the thermal excursions and breezes coming from the Prealps. All this will favor the acidity of the wines that will be created with the grapes harvested in these areas.

In general, we expect wines with an important structure and a strong expressive power.

The end of the harvest